Maximize cash flow from your credit portfolio

We collect, translate and visualize your customer data so you can make better decisions, lower admin costs and increase the cash flow from your credit portfolio

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Through Dignisias Standardized format, we can make data driven decisions based on facts and KPIs which increases our profitability within collection and maximizes our cash flow during portfolio sales. Vincent Kolb, Chief Credit Officer Lunar

The Belgium Small Loans benchmark for last month is finalized, DCA A won. Click here to adjust the allocation of new cases.


Compare debt collection units

Make sure you perform at a high level.. Benchmark the debt collection results, and move forward with high performing strategies and knowledge, and maximize your results.

  • Lower customer churn
  • Increased cash flow
  • Higher debt recovery


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Champion Challenge results from Swedish credit card portfolio are finalized. Challenger performing overall 6% better, more details here.


Know your portfolio’s worth

With data driven insights, you’ll know what your portfolio is worth. Negotiating offers becomes easy, and you’ll move forward with confidence.

  • Know when to keep and when to sell
  • Optimize your transactions
  • Make sales based on facts


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New product 10042 T-Shirt now has increased to 6% of total sales. 80% of purchases is made by a segment with significantly lower payment performance. click here for calculations and risk management.


Lower administrative costs

Data management takes time and resources. Automate the process and spend your time making important decisions that move your company forward.

  • Let go of frustrating excel sheets
  • Automate your data management
  • Spend your time digging for insights rather than crunching numbers


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Why users like the Dignisia system

Our users often give us feedback on our work and the platform. These are some of the most common things that they address.