Optimize all stages of the credit lifecycle

We collect, translate and visualize your collection data so you can make better decisions, lower admin costs and increase the cash flow from your credit portfolio

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Through Dignisias Standardized format, we can make data driven decisions based on facts and KPIs which increases our profitability within collection and maximizes our cash flow during portfolio sales. Vincent Kolb, Chief Credit Officer Lunar

Last month's benchmark results for “Belgium Small Loans” is finalized. DCA Beta won with a score of 220 points. Go to benchmark results to see details for the period.


Compare debt collection units

Optimize your collection performance by comparing several debt collection units. Benchmark performance, provide insights & improvements based on undisputable data and move forward with the right strategies. 

  • Maximized cash flow
  • Optimized partner strategy
  • Reduced administration and data crunching


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Your portfolio valuation is ready for review. The forecast is reliable and indicates a price of 21% based on an IRR of 12%. Consider breaking out Product type “Payments” as a separate portfolio for optimized value.


Know your portfolio’s value

With data driven insights, you’ll understand the details of your portfolio and know what it is worth before asking for bids. Make your data shine and enter sales processes and negotiations with confidence.

  • Know when to keep and when to sell
  • Optimize your transactions
  • Increase your sales prices


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Performance post-sale in risk class 2 has been increasing last months. Consider adjusting score parameters to optimize sales.


Keep an End-to-end overview

With all your desired data collected in one place you can understand the performance at different stages of the credit value chain. Use the data to optimize lending, ensure right activity and maximize results across the credit’s lifecycle.

  • Retain key data, even on sold cases
  • Optimize lending and lower risks
  • Increase performance in all stages


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Why users like the Dignisia system

Our users often give us feedback on our work and the platform. These are some of the most common things that they address.

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