The story of Dignisia


The gap we are trying to fill.

Debt collection is where the rubber hits the road when it comes to credit management. Good collection of course increases cash flow, but the upsides are many more: positive customer journeys and lower churn, increased lending through improved data and scoring, lower loss provisions, etc. On the flip side, bad collection can have a severe impact on company reputation and brand value leading to lost customers, lower cash flows and potentially reduced market shares over time.

Based on many decades of experience in the industry, we know what key data points are needed to define “good collection”, but this is where we spotted an information gap. Creditors rarely had insight into the details of the treatment of their customers, their responses, and corresponding results. This is what we have set out to change.


How we see things.

Consider having only one large customer, and that customer has not paid their monthly invoice. Surely you would want to know exactly what attempts have been made and what the response was. It is a fine balancing act between converting your invoice to cash and keeping a good client relationship and potentially granting future credits. We think the same applies if you have hundreds or even many thousand clients.

It is easy to get this information for one client. But – if you work with many clients, multiple markets, several debt collection partners – this becomes difficult. We have developed standard formats, detailed proprietary reporting sets and advanced models to gather this data and visualize it in a user-friendly manner. We aim to provide transparency and flexibility by structuring large amounts of data into actionable insights.


What our clients get.

Our reporting formats have been accepted widely and are applied by key debt collection agencies on the European market already. At the moment, we have some 50+ integrations across 10+ European countries. This means our clients can easily access their data through our Software. The insights they get often go deeper than many debt collection agencies can see themselves and span across the entire value chain, no matter who does what – from pre-collection through to sold claims. We believe this is truly game changing!

We have built the tool we always wanted to have when working at large creditors and on the inside of the collection industry. It is hereby easy to answer key business questions such as: Which agencies are best for my segment of claims? How do I sell claims effectively and what is their fair value? How do I improve pre-collection based on what we learn at the collection stage? How do I model credit decisions based on all I can learn from all collection stages? Are my partners compliant with agreed principles (and/or regulations)? What does the customer journey look like in my outsourced process and how do people respond?

The use case doesn’t end here and our journey has just started. As a SaaS company, we are constantly expanding the scope and keep innovating in this exciting field, for the benefit of our clients and the financial wellbeing of society.


Do you want to know more?

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The management team consists of

Gustav Terland
Chief Executive Officer

Prior to Dignisia Gustav worked in various positions at Intrum. Most recently as Director for Credit Management Services & Strategic Projects. Gustav has extensive experience within Credit Management, Business Development and Project Management. Former employers include The Boston Consulting Group and Orkla.  

Jörgen Köster
Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer

Jörgen has 35 years of credit management experience as a management consultant and business founder, including development of debt collection systems and routines, account receivables management, IT solution Architect, founder of a credit reporting company and continous consultant engagements for Alektum Group and Intrum.

Gunnar Bidås
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Gunnar has 21 years of credit management experience, including Head of Innovation Management, Intrum Sweden , Head of Purchased Debt, Intrum Sweden, Development Director, Alektum Group, Founder of Credit reporting company, Decidas and IT Development Director, Aktiv Kapital.

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