All you need to increase portfolio profits

Let us handle the data collection, so that you can make data based, profitable decisions and move forward with confidence

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     How it works

1) We’ll handle your data management

We integrate our platform to relevant data sources, i.e your, and the collection agencies internal systems etc.
Don’t worry, we’ll do most of the work and already have 50+ integrations! 

This means you won’t have to:

Do any of the integrations with collection agencies
Look through hundreds of excel sheets with new data
Comb through the data to pick the most relevant parts

2) Structuring the data


When the data is collected, it can be difficult to get a quick overview. We map the data and make it structured to prepare for analytics.

This leads to:

Data that speaks the same language, no matter the source
Easier to benchmark collection agencies performance
All ready to analyze and visualize
Data structuring-1

3) Visualizing the data


Time to visualize the data and make it easy to collect insights. With 100+ of widgets to choose from, you’re in total control of your crucial KPI:s

You’ll love the fact that:

It’s easy to see which DCA performs better and why 
You can collect insights to identify areas of potential
You can make data driven decisions moving forward

4) Keep Improving


When you are in control of your data, you’ll gain valuable insights and can focus on performance optimization, resulting in an increased cash flow and a better customer journey.

This process has given you:

The time to focus on other areas, moving your company forward
The insights to make the right decisions and stay ahead of your competition
The money to reinvest into the company to increase revenue every year
The part of a credit’s lifecycle that is most neglected is without doubt at the handover phase to debt collection. Here we see that many creditors and servicers need to improve the conclusions they are drawing from their clients’ payment patterns. With better information, they would be able to improve the performance of their existing collection strategies, basing them on facts rather than gut feeling. Gustav Terland, CEO Dignisia
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